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Wake up Web 2.010!

January 17, 2010

Happy New 2010!

Father Christmas was kind to Carolyn and she got a nifty digital video camera, and starting 2010 with a bang, we have some brand new video treats. Tu played the Thursday Night Folk Club at High Barn in Great Bardfield along some wonderful acts, All Things Considered and Megan Moralee.

You can find these videos on YouTube, or through here, in the order in which they were performed on a very cold, foggy night in January.

Now that there is more to promote, help us promote the music through your favourite social network - click to our Promote Tu page to learn more.

The Benefit of the Afternoon

April 1, 2009

Tu have been asked to host a musical afternoon at the famous Unicorn pub in Grantchester. Home to errant politicians and best selling novelists (well, one in particular) and the subject of Rupert Brooke's wonderful poem, Grantchester is a pretty village that is on the very edge of Cambridge.

Tu will be performing on the afternoon of 16th April at the Unicorn which is holding a family charity event, fund-raising for Cancer Care and the NSPCC.

...but what is a while in a life?...

Feb 22, 2009

Just a quick note as proof we have not gone off radar again, we actually are up and about and playing a whole bunch of venues. Not all are updated on the gigs page yet, but they will be soon.

The big hoopla this time, though, is the uploading of our music to the page! Hoorah! You can now experience some of these lovely recorded trinkets we have been working on. Some compulsive info we feel we must share: most of the recordings were done on a Boss porta-studio with the exception of Hey, What do I know about Love and Forgiveness which were recorded at Soundbase Studios in Hitchin, Herts.

We are still looking for a reasonably priced studio and engineer to take us on and help us mould our sound and - as always - are on the prowl for gigging space. If you have any thoughts about any of these - please drop us a line!

Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing from you sooner!

On the Road

Nov 27, 2008

Christmas is nearly here! And what have Tu been doing all year? We’ve been out playing! From ‘gigs with a twist’ (Loughton, we shall never forget your twilit streets nor our introduction to the ‘green reds’) to extended floor spots (The Corner House, Cambridge, with a very special ‘shaky egg’ performance by Colin) and at many of our regular haunts. Plenty more gigs, floor spots and features planned too and more always welcomed of course.

Though work, life, the universe and those small green invisible gremlins have been trying to thwart our productivity, we have been recording too with some tracks in hand and lots more in preparation. What we really need is a decent studio that we can afford. We did find a most wonderful Italian sound engineer in Hitchin, be he has gone to pursue his career as an astrophysicist in Germany... so the search begins again.

We’ve updated the website, Carolyn has some of the Tu songs on her Myspace, and generally we are writing more, singing and playing more and building up a real momentum so that 2009 you will have far more chances to see and hear us.

Please sign our guestbook, send us ideas for studios, places to play and comments on our songs. We’d love to hear from you.

Sweeping Update

Sept 12, 2008

Song Writing

Although Tu's original repertoire spanned enough material for an LP over a year ago, creative juices have continued to flow. Both Carolyn and Shani have been busy writing and working on new songs, such as Truth Between Sisters, Sister Sin, Breaking and Long Road. Some of these have been swinging in the pair's troubled gig ring.


Time has been fleeing the creative duo, but when gigs are booked, it seems Tu are plagued with a bout of bad luck: during the Annual Red Lion Folk day Carolyn came down with a bad case of Laryngitis, rendering her incapable of singing.
This didn't stop the two from showcasing their songs successfully (alongside Baz, who jammed on the snare drum) and bagging a performance invite for the opening of the Autumn Season Showcase evening at the prestigious High Barn venue in Essex; only to have Shani injure her guitar-playing hand while cooking the night before the show...
To add sort-of-an-insult to injury, Tu had to decline a floor spot at the fantastic Milkmaid Folk Club in Bury St. Edmunds due to working commitments.

The duo is adamant to gig as much as possible, or - if the fates won't have that - sit tight and wait for 2008 to roll out and return rejuvenated in 2009...

Please visit the Gigs page to check out some of the venues and go out to have a lovely night of original music!


In June Shani and Carolyn went into excellent-yet-very-reasonably-priced SoundBase Studios in Hitchin to lay some tracks, having found a wonderful recording studio and a well tuned technician. Sadly, the technician has decided to fulfil a life-long dream, and shortly after the one-day recording session moved on to work at an astrophysics research facility in mainland Europe.

Back at square one in terms of recording, then! If you have a studio to recommend, please let us know!

Please visit again soon!!


Feb 7, 2007

Tu are currently spending time recording their material for their first CD, due for release summer 2007. Though unsigned at present, this self-produced album will be their launch-pad to get more gigs throughout the UK and Europe. Plans are also afoot for a tour in the US and enquiries from festivals, clubs, fringe events and arts centres are most welcome.

For up tu date gig details, please sign up for our newsletter or visit our site regularly and check out the gigs link.